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PrayPray is a global Premium subscription service charged monthly to your Amazon account. When you first start PrayPray, you will be auto-enrolled in a 7-day free trial of our Premium service before it reverts back to a Free Version.

However, depending on your country, you may be required to pay an on-going subscription fee to remain using the Premium service, or you may be allowed to continue using the Premium service up and until Amazon enables subscription services for your country.

Currently, the following countries will be charged a monthly subscription fee after the initial 7-day free trial to continue using the Premium service;

USA and UK

If you are not in one of the countries listed above, you can continue to use the Premium service for free indefinitely, or until your country is supported by Amazon for subscription services. If you cannot find our skill in your Amazon or Alexa Skill store, please contact us at [email protected] so we can follow up with Amazon on your behalf.

Below a list of differences between our Premium & Free versions.

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PrayPray Alexa Skill Free
Most Popular
PrayPray Alexa Skill
Works with ALL Alexa-powered Devices
Use any device you already own, including Echo's, Firesticks, TV's, Smartphones, Speakers, Thermostat, etc.
Automated Prayer Reminders
Use your Alexa-powered device to provide you with reminder notifications for all 5 Salaat.
Easy to Use - Voice Activated
Just say "Alexa, ask PrayPray..." to start your commands
Covers all Juristic Methods
Choose your preferred Justistic Method.
18 Calculation Methods
Choose among 18 of the most popular calculation methods for prayer times.
Play Azaan recitations on demand
Choose from 4 different recitations for Azaan, including a proper Fajr Azaan
Automated Maghrib Azaan
Have an Azaan play automatically at Maghrib Salaat through our unique subskill.
Play Surahs on demand
Play various Surahs on demand.
Play Naats and Nasheed on demand
Play various Naats and Nasheed.
Ramadan Ready
PrayPray is Ramadan ready in letting you know when it's time to start or end your Fast.
Play various Kalimahs on demand
Play various Kalimahs on demand
Parental Reminders
Tired of reminding your kids to pray Salaat? Use device-specific reminders to send an automated reminder to your children.
Ask for Salaat times on demand
Ask PrayPray when various Salaat times are for your local area.
Setup unique reminders for Prayers up to 60 minutes before next Salaat
Ask Alexa to remind you to pray Zuhr Salaat 30 minutes before Asr Salaat.
Convert Islamic Calendar Dates
Ask PrayPray to give you relevant Islamic Calendar Dates
Set your local Masjid*
Search and assign your local Masjid to be your default Masjid for even more relevant information. *Requires your Masjid to enroll in this free service.
Get your local Masjid Jummah times*
Simply ask PrayPray for your local Masjid Jummah times. *Requires your Masjid to enroll in this free service.
Get your local Masjid Events*
Ask PrayPray for upcoming events happening at your local Masjid. *Requires your Masjid to enroll in this free service.
Portion of your subscription fee goes to your local Masjid*
As a Premium paid subscriber, a portion of your fees will go back to your local Masjid. *Requires your Masjid to enroll in this free service.
All Future Enhancements
Receive all future enhancements and features added to the PrayPray platform.
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