PrayPray - The Ultimate Islamic Alexa Skill

PrayPray is the ultimate Alexa skill that allows Muslims from around the world to take advantage of the Alexa technology in providing a powerful platform for families to get Prayer time reminders, Islamic recitations, relevant calendar events, and even local Masjid specific information. The goal is to be the Information Hub for Muslims everywhere. 

How It Works - Introduction Video

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PrayPray Features List

Voice-Activated Islamic Hub

Use the Alexa technology to ask for a number of Islamic relevant commands. Each new version adds several new features.

Automated Daily Reminders

Setup your daily prayer reminders with a simple command, and it will sync across all of your Alexa devices.

Change Calculation & Juristic Methods

Choose from up to 18 separate Calculation methods for your Prayer Times, and adjust your Juristic Methods too!

Play Azaan, Surahs, Naats, Nasheed

Choose among various default Azaans, play various Surahs, Naats, and even Nasheeds. Every version update adds more options.

Parental Reminders

Parents can setup Device-specific reminders up to 60 minutes before each Salaat. Setup automated reminders for reminding your kids, so you don't have to.

"My Masjid" Integration

(coming soon) Set your default Masjid and allow them to reap the rewards from your subscription fees. Also, listen to Masjid specific information including weekly Jummah Times and Events

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service available on more than 100 million devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. With Alexa, you can use your natural voice as an easier way to interact with the PrayPray skill.

Just as you are used to having “Apps” available on your smartphone, you can think of the same concept for your Alexa-supported device, except it’s all voice-assistant driven.

PrayPray is an Alexa skill that doesn’t use your fingers to tap on screen buttons or type in commands. Instead, Alexa allows you to simply use your voice to ask for the same things. 

PrayPray is very different than your traditional Islamic App because it’s all voice-assistant driven, which allows you to use it across all of your Alexa-supported devices. It’s not just for your smartphone, but also your smart speakers, smart TV’s, Echo devices, etc.

In short, the answer is YES, that’s what we’re striving for. But in reality, it will be so much more. Your traditional Azaan clock has no way to connect to your local Masjid, or allow a proceed of your subscription fee to be donated back to them. Get local Jumaah or Event information from your Masjid, simply by asking PrayPray.

The goal of PrayPray is to be the best Alexa-driven Islamic skill available. We want to connect the Ummah globally, and in turn, become the Information Hub for all relevant Islamic information.

But to achieve this, we need your feedback because this helps us to continue to evolve and develop the platform.

One of the major benefits of using Amazon’s Alexa is precisely for the reason of being easier to use. You simply ask the question, and PrayPray will do your bidding.

Try PrayPray today and see for yourself!

This Alexa Skill can be downloaded through your Amazon App for your Alexa and Alexa-supported devices.