Daily Azaan SubSkill

Want to get automated Azaan recitations enabled on your Alexa Device? If you subscribe to the PrayPray Amazon skill, you also get compimentary access to our Daily Azaan subskill. Read below on how to enable this today.

If you have not enabled the PrayPray Skill yet – enable it here. 

Follow the quick instructions below to enable the Daily Azaan Subskill*.

*(Please note, due to Amazon Alexa Platform limitations – the Daily Azaan Subskill will currently ONLY work for Maghrib Azaan. As we continue to work with Amazon Alexa on these current development limitations, be rest assured this feature continues to be our Number One priority, while we continue to add enhanced features to the PrayPray Skill).

For any support questions, please contact us directly at  [email protected]


1. If you haven’t already done so, install the Daily Azaan Subskill from the Amazon Skill Store. Link is here.

2. Once the Daily Azaan Subskill has been installed, you must enable it with Amazon Routines on your phone’s Alexa App (iOS or Android). Open the Alexa App on your phone:

3. On the top left menu of the Alexa App, click on Menu button (3 straight lines), and then select Routines.

4. Click on the + button on the top right corner to create a new Routine.

5. Fill in all of the areas in the screenshot to complete your automated Routine.

Congratulations,  you have now successfully created your Amazon Routine for Daily Maghrib Azaan. You should now have the Maghrib Azaan automatically start for you daily on your Alexa device, and yes, the time will adjust accordingly to your location.

To take advantage of all the amazing features built into PrayPray – please ensure you have installed our main Amazon Skill – PrayPray. We will continue to work on making it easier to add additional automated Daily Azaans. 

Please Note: With our main PrayPray skill – you will still get Alexa notifications of the appropriate Prayer time. Only in it’s current state with Amazon, you will have to utter the command “Alexa, ask PrayPray to play the Azaan” in order for the Azaan to recite. For any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at [email protected]