PrayPray Amazon Skill

PrayPray is one of the most unique Islamic skills available to Muslims globally using Amazon's Alexa platform. Not only does it convert your Alexa-supported device into the smartest Azaan clock you've ever seen, but it will also connect with your local Masjid for specific local content, recite Surahs, and even remind your kids to pray their Salaat.


Fully featured Islamic Skill for all of your Alexa-supported devices (Echo's, Firesticks, 3rd-party, IOS, Android, etc.)

Automated Prayer Reminders

Ask Alexa to setup all or only selected prayer times for you, with full access to all of the Fiqhs and Time Calculations you follow.

Custom Prayer Reminders

Setup reminders for specific devices in your home - to gently remind your kids to pray Salaat before it's too late.

Recite Surahs

Use Alexa to listen to beautiful Surahs on command. 25 of the most common Surahs are already included (remaining Surahs in v3.0).

My Masjid feature

(Coming in v3.0) - Setup your default Masjid to receive weekly Jummah times and local Events. Furthermore, this is free for your Masjids.

Automated Azaans

Have your Maghrib Azaan recite automatically with the use of our companion Skill. Click on the Daily Azaan Subskill in the menu for more information.

Choose Default Azaan

Pick among a growing number of default Azaans available within PrayPray. Change your default Azaan call whenever you want.

240+ Commands

The PrayPray skill currently offers over 240 commands to use. Version 3.0 will bring this to well over 400 Alexa-driven commands.

Islamic Calendar Embedded

Always struggling to figure out when the next important Islamic Date is? Or trying to convert today's date to the Islamic date? Ask PrayPray.

Customer Support

Need customer support? We're here to help. If you need any assistance and/or you simply want to provide some helpful feedback - let us know.

Nasheed & Naats

Enjoy listening to Nasheeds & Naats? Ask Alexa to play some of the most popular ones. Send us a note if you want something specific to be added.

Support Your Masjid

If your Masjid joins our "My Masjid" network (FREE), then a portion of your applicable subscription fee will be given back to your Masjid.